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3 Modern Wedding Hairstyle Trends

Not only will your wedding be one of the most memorable days of your life, but it will also be one of the most photographed. In addition to wearing something that reflects your personality, many also like to do something unique to their hair. The guide below explores some popular bridal hair styling trends.

How Should You Do Your Hair on Your Wedding Day?

1. Soft Bridal Waves
Whether you are looking for old-world Hollywood glamour or a relaxed, boho hairstyle, soft waves may be perfect. Created by wrapping dried hair around the barrel of either a tapered or clipped curling iron, the hair is then clipped into a curl and allowed to let cool.

If you want a more traditional take on wavy hair, brush your tresses out afterward. On the other hand, simply combing your fingers through the curls can create more of a relaxed style that looks great with a flower crown or a beautiful veil.

2. Loose, Textured Braids
For a look that is just as functional as it is beautiful, consider a textured braid. Bridal braids are often created after curling straight hair to give it a little more texture. The braid is then loosened at the end to allow soft tendrils to fall around your face.

Loose braids are the modern take on traditional updos, creating a relaxed look that is dressed up enough for a wedding but that seamlessly transitions into reception dancing. This choice is also easy to touch up throughout the day.

3. Sleek & Straight
Another powerful bridal hair styling trend is straightening your tresses to create sleek, smooth hair that cascades over your shoulders. This choice is modern and elegant. Dress your hair up with a bridal veil, barrettes, or flowers tucked behind one of your ears.

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