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4 Tips for Protecting Your New Hair Color

Going to a hair salon to color your strands can be a wonderful way to welcome in warmer weather. Not only can it be refreshing to try on a new look, but you can also pair it with a cut suited to the season. To maintain the color for as long as possible, utilize the best practices below.

How to Keep Colored Hair From Fading

1. Avoid Washing Immediately
Hair color is most effective when it’s given time to settle into the hair follicles. When you get home from the hair salon, avoid showering right away, which could lead to some immediate fading. After waiting at least 24 hours for that initial shower, try to limit subsequent hair washing to once or twice a week.
2. Limit Heat
Heat dries out hair, which makes it easier for color to fade. When you shower, opt for warm or cool water instead of hot. Afterward, let your hair air dry whenever possible, and limit the use of other heat tools like curling irons and straighteners. When you do use a blow-dryer or these other heat tools, apply a heat protecting spray beforehand to keep strands moisturized.
3. Choose Products for Colored Hair
Certain hair products, such as clarifying shampoos, are designed to rid your hair follicles of any extra substances—including hair color. By contrast, there are shampoos and conditioners formulated specifically for colored hair. These remove debris and excess oil without stripping the strands too much. Some products even offer a touch of extra color to refresh your look. For example, your blonde color may go slightly more yellow than intended with time. Purple shampoo can offer a correction. Ask your stylist about what products they recommend.
4. Condition
Healthy, moisturized hair is better at holding on to color. Choose a quality, moisturizing conditioner and use it daily to maintain healthy strands at home. Incorporate hair masks and deep conditioning treatments into your weekly routine for even better results.

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