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Ethereal, a mesmerizing collection envisioned by elle b. savvy founder and stylist Lindsay Guzman, is making 2023 hair-fashion headlines worldwide. Featured in Australia’s The Journal, the

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Michelle / Core Stylist

Michelle Hansen Core Stylist Services Regular Haircut $100 Transformational Haircut $95 Child’s Haircut $40-$50 Gloss $120 Blow Out $65 Bleach + Tone Consult Hair Extensions

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Madison / Root Stylist

Madison Steele Root Stylist Services Fun Facts FAVORITE BAND: Fleetwood Mac FAVORITE DENVER HANGOUT: Need suggestions! We just moved here! YEARS BEHIND THE CHAIR: 5 years 3 ADJECTIVES

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Jordan / Receptionist

Jordan Poelling (She/Her) Receptionist Fun Facts FAVORITE BAND: Oceanic FAVORITE DENVER HANGOUT: Carbon Bar/ Eatery 3 ADJECTIVES FRIENDS WOULD USE TO DESCRIBE YOU: Witty, bubbly,

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Karina / Nail Tech

Karina Medrano (She/Her) Nail Tech Services Dazzle Dry Manicure $40 Express Dazzle Dry Manicure $30 Shellac Manicure- No Removal $40 Shellac Manicure w/ Removal $50

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A Guide to Microchanneling

Most people have at least one skin concern they’d like to address—from signs of aging to discoloration. Rather than purchasing dozens of different products with

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