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Benefit a Local Charity With “No Waste November” Bags

Are you looking for ways to give back to your community while protecting the environment? Join the team at Elle.B Salon West of Lakewood and Denver, CO, by taking part in “No Waste November.” This month, the hair salon is partnering with WeeCycle to benefit local families. Here’s how you can help uplift those in need in a sustainable way.

What Is WeeCycle?

WeeCycle is a nonprofit based in Colorado that collects, “weecycles,” and distributes essential baby supplies to families. They match donations to those in need through partner organizations dedicated to “alleviating poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, teen pregnancy, and under-employment.”
By recycling and reusing baby gear, they help local children stay clean, safe, and healthy. “Weecycling” also keeps baby clothes, strollers, and other gently used items out of landfills.

Participate in "No Waste November"

You can help support this fantastic charity when you visit Elle.B Salon West. This hair salon is selling $50 “No Waste November” bags to encourage sustainability, and they have elected to send 50% of the proceeds to WeeCycle. When you purchase a bag, you will be able to select three of seven of their eco-friendly, no-waste products to take home with you. The products you can choose from include:
  • Plant-Based Mesh Bath Pouf
  • Beechwood Bottle Brush
  • Beechwood Dish Brush
  • Replacement Head
  • Beechwood Pot Scrubber Brush
  • Beechwood Long Handle Dish Brush
  • Beeswax Food Wraps
  • Reusable Facial Rounds
Not only will you receive top-quality beauty salon products that won’t harm the environment, but you’ll also be supporting families within your community and helping cement a brighter future for the coming generations.

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