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3 Ingredients for Healthy Hair Extensions

Extensions are a popular method for increasing the length of natural hair. They’re available in a variety of colors and provide a flexibility that makes them easy to style. However, maintaining their silky, smooth appearance can be a challenge without the proper ingredients. Consider the following to determine how to provide the level of care that your hair extensions require.

How to Keep Hair Extensions Healthy & Luxe

1. Cyclopentasiloxane
This ingredient has a spreadable consistency that makes it easy to work into individual strands. It’s slightly slippery to the touch and produces a wet, silky appearance after each application. There’s no need to worry about greasiness, as cyclopentasiloxane is known to evaporate immediately after dispensing its nutrients. It also naturally repels water, creating a protective barrier that keeps the hair feeling smooth and sleek.
2. Sunflower Seed Oil
This ingredient has a soft texture that works to revitalize each strand. As it enters the hair shaft, the liquid locks in moisture and releases a generous amount of Vitamin E to keep the scalp from drying out. It also contains high levels of Omega 9 that will stimulate hair growth and prevent strands from breaking. The lightness of the oil ensures that the extensions can move freely and allows for easy styling. It also reduces the potential for frizz.
3. Roucou Oil
This ingredient contains several nutrients that are beneficial to the health of your hair. Beta-carotene will stimulate the production of melanin and boost the coloring, which could reduce your chances of developing grays. It also works to maintain hydration and prevents the formation of stubborn tangles. Ellagic acid balances the molecules within the strands and offers a substantial amount of protection from UV radiation.

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