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Ethereal, a mesmerizing collection envisioned by elle.b savvy founder and stylist Lindsay Guzman, made 2023 hair-fashion headlines worldwide. Featured in Australia’s The Journal, the UK’s Respect and tagged a “hot item” in Germany’s Menschen Im, the collection is also showcased by U.S. vanguard venues Bangstyle, Finest Barber, Estetica and global magazine Modern Salon.

Lindsay describes her vision for Ethereal as “born out of a need to see bold colors and soft shapes. To let the hair read the room and speak for it. Combining cools and warms that complement and enhance without taking over. I wanted it to acknowledge life’s difficulties but with a sense of escaping the inescapable.”

Working with photographer John Rawson, stylist Rose-Marie Swift, and make-up artist Jillian Leone Nelson, Lindsay captured “daring-yet-wispy and soft hairstyles matched with striking color. There’s a mystical merging of strength and vulnerability, fantasy and freshness.”

Lindsay wraps the collection’s success, “We love to play…and here we did. It is remarkable to see the world playing with us.”

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