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How to Choose Between Highlights & Balayage

If you’ve been looking to change up your hairstyle and add a little color, you’ve probably heard of highlights and balayage. However, it’s easy to get these techniques mixed up, especially if you’ve never had either done. Before heading to the hair salon, review this helpful guide so you know which one is which.

What’s the Difference Between Highlights & Balayage?

Highlights are small sections of hair that are lighter than your base color. They usually run all the way from the roots to the tips. They’re a well-known, classic hairstyle choice. At the salon, your stylist will use aluminum foil to cover the small sections of the hair that are bleached, dyed, or both. You can get highlights in different sizes and colors to create a unique and fun look. They generally need to be touched up every six to eight weeks.
Balayage is a recent trend. In this technique, a stylist sweeps or paints dye onto your hair freehand. It’s applied from mid-shaft to the tips of the hair. The color used is usually a few shades lighter than your base color, adding dimension to the bottom part of your hair. Since balayage is done freehand, it looks very natural. Balayage doesn’t need to be touched up as often as highlights do, which makes it perfect if you’re on a budget. It grows out nicely when you want to try something new, too.

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