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How to Choose Your Bridal Hairstyle

When it comes to wedding planning, bridal hair styling is an integral part of every bride’s overall look. Not only does a beautiful hairdo look fabulous in photos, but it boosts your confidence while walking down the aisle. After you’ve selected your venue and dress, consider the following style advice.

4 Bridal Hair Styling Tips

1. Think About the Weather
Certain hairstyles may not do well in humidity or inclement weather. Factor in the season and weather forecast, particularly if you’re planning an outdoor wedding, so your look stays bouncy, sleek, and in place regardless of the conditions.
2. Don’t Forget the Veil & Hair Accessories
Accentuate your look with a veil, flower crown, or ornaments like barrettes and ribbons to create a festive and stunning design. As you plan your bridal hair, have these items handy to understand how they’ll work with your desired style.
3. Focus on Your Dress
Bridal hair styling should complement the dress and accentuate its beauty. Before settling on an intricate updo or loose curls, visualize how each style will look when paired with your outfit. Do you want to emphasize your neckline or display the intricate beading along the back of your dress? These details, along with the style and fit of the gown, will inspire your hair.
4. Schedule a Trial Run With a Bridal Stylist
Most importantly, after finding a seasoned bridal stylist, schedule a test before the big day. While you can plan and visualize for months leading up to the event, wearing the dress and seeing the hairstyle on your head is the best way to feel confident about your desired look. Bring a bridesmaid or trusted confidante to take photos and get a second opinion.

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