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Master Stylist / Blonding Specialist
Self take:
“I really enjoy being in a high-energy environment, meeting clients who aren’t just in my chair and collaborating with coworkers who feel like family. The best is when clients leave feeling they can tackle anything the rest of the day or week might throw at ‘em!”

Special savvy:
“I have a passion for all things bridal and blonding. I take a creative ‘artist’ approach, have an eye for detail and love having my clients say, ‘This was exactly what I had in mind!’”
  • Transformational Cut $105
  • Added to a Color Session $85
  • Regular Cut $85
  • Added to a Color Session $60
Blonding Sessions
  • Lite $270
  • Medium $375
  • Heavy $480
Single Process Sessions
  • Lite $235
  • Medium $270
  • Heavy $340
Combo / Creative Sessions
  • Lite $380
  • Medium $460
  • Heavy $540

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