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Master Stylist
Self take:
“I would say chill, deep and into interesting conversation. I was a Sassoon-trained master stylist and cut instructor in LA before coming to Denver. I really enjoy bringing out creativity in clients and other stylists.”

Special savvy:
“Point me in a vague direction of what you’re looking for and I’ll do everything in my power to achieve it. But if you’re not into warm tones, I may not be the stylist for you. Also, I have a very dry sense of humor.”
  • Transformational Cut $125
  • Added to a Color Session $95
  • Regular Cut $100
  • Added to a Color Session $75
Blonding Sessions
  • Lite $270
  • Medium $375
  • Heavy $480
Single Process Sessions
  • Lite $235
  • Medium $270
  • Heavy $340
Combo / Creative Sessions
  • Lite $380
  • Medium $460
  • Heavy $540

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