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We are the only 100% certified team of hair extension specialists in the Denver area

elle.b Savvy is the only hair salon that specializes in hair extensions, where our stylists go through our rigorous certification standards. We provide the highest quality hair extensions that look natural, will last and won’t damage your hair. Because our team is also educated on the latest trends and styling techniques, your hair will look fresh, stylish and manageable in between visits so you will look your best not only the day you leave our salon, but every day until your next visit. We provide unparalleled customer service: we guarantee our services, offer concierge services when you need help planning a day or night out, we also provide drinks and charging stations for your devices at each of our booths.

Method's + types

Extensions are as customizable as you are unique.

We at elle.b savvy use all of the most popular non-damaging methods on the market today. We make sure that each customer has the right method and style for them and their lifestyle.

Beaded Weave
The beaded weave is a type of track style of extension, with the use of hand-tied wefts to create the most natural look of any hair extension style. This method is great for those with wants of longer hair from a shorter length. Ie. a bob to chest length hair.
Including methods like:
IBE – Invisible Bead Extensions
Habit Hand Tied
Luna Method
NBR – Natural Beaded Rows
Using keratin based adhesive on small wefts of hair, tape-in extensions are great for blending short to long hair and for fine-haired clients. This technique is quick to apply and requires only moderate maintenance. Great quick add-on service for pops of color or volume.
Micro-Link: AKA I-tips
This technique employs no glue, no adhesives, and no tape, and as such allows for damage free application. It is fast to install and maintain, and is the most comfortable and most versatile method for a variety of hair styles and lifestyles.
Fusion: AKA K-tips
New Technique: Comb-lines: creates invisible, light weight and super comfortable bonds. No more keratin bonds, microrings, tapes or even wefts. Welcome to the new age of hair enhancement! For extreme hair loss or shallow areas around the face and part-lines.

Factors to consider

There are tons of colors available in the market, which is why we’ll help you choose colors that best match your hair.
We’ll show you the different options regarding levels of hair extension quality so you can the one right for your budget.
We’ll also help you choose the extensions that are the right fit for your lifestyle.
Brands we carry:
For all the textured and curly hair needs
Professional hair extensions

Hair extensions customized for you

  • Are you tired of having limp, flat, thin or short hair that keeps you from looking and feeling your best?
  • Are you wondering how hair extensions would work for you?
  • Have you had extensions before but felt disappointed with the results?
  • You want hair that is thick, long, beautiful, and has a look that catches the eye of those you walk by.
  • You want to be able to live your life every day with a manageable and fresh look you can dress up for a night out or not worry about with an active lifestyle.
  • You want a hair salon that has expertise in hair extensions and will also help you achieve the look you have always wanted.
The red carpet look
Hair extensions are the celebrities’ best kept secret for making a splash on the red carpet. They go from sporting pixie cuts to voluptuous waves in a matter of hours and stay that way the whole night.
For an active lifestyle
For the woman with the active lifestyle, you want hair that looks and feels like yours, and doesn’t keep you from doing all the things you love to do, whether it’s swimming, exercising, or enjoying the outdoors.


  • Hair Extension Consult $25

    All looks for each guest are customized, this is why we require a consult for every person. We look at your unique wants and needs and create a customized look just for you. Each look has a different investment amount. Book a consult today!

Service + support

We’ll help you look great leaving our salon and instruct you on how to maintain your extensions so you look fabulous every day. We are here for you when you need to make changes or maintain your extensions throughout the year.