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Why Babylights Are Trending

In the world of beauty, new innovations and styles are created every day. Some of the more popular options in the last few years have included ombre and balayage. One new style that’s rising in popularity is babylights. The guide below offers some insight into this new trend, so you know exactly what to request the next time you walk into a beauty salon.

What Are Babylights?

If you’ve never seen or heard of this style before, it would be easy to confuse it with regular highlights or even balayage. However, there are a few differences. To start, babylights aren’t applied to large pieces of hair like traditional lightening methods. Instead of applying bleach or color to create dramatic dimensions, this new technique involves sectioning off very small portions toward the crown of the head and bottom of the hair to create more subtle, more natural appearance.

What Are the Benefits of Babylights?

Beyond enjoying a beautiful new look when you walk out of the beauty salon, this hairstyle offers several other benefits. First, if you have fine hair, it’s a perfect option. Because the process doesn’t involve as much bleach, it’s less likely to cause breakage or damage. However, you don’t need to have fine hair to rock this look. Because it can be customized to suit any color or hair type, it’s a universal option for anyone who wants to change up their appearance. This style is also well-suited to those who don’t want to spend a lot of time or money on their look. Babylights are designed to look like natural virgin hair, which means it doesn’t take much to maintain. After your appointment at the beauty salon, you can simply let your locks grow out as they normally would.

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